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Can I cut Bangs & Fringes – is it against Islamic etiquettes?


Growing up in India, we were told, “Muslim women should not cut their hair!” – in particular, styles that let hair fall on the forehead, were seen as an aberrant transgression of Islamic manners (!).

We may have blindly complied with this for years; only to find out that I was simply keeping myself from looking my best for no good reason!!

This misconception still prevails in many households, and so here is a clarification in light of the verdicts of the scholars.

It is perfectly fine and permissible to style your hair with bangs/fringes as long as;

a) The style is not an imitation of the disbelievers – e.g., if you appear with that hairstyle in a gathering, people should not assume that you are a disbeliever. If that hairstyle is just a trend, then it’s permissible.

b) You will not appear adorned with it in front of non-mahram.

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Delay in making up missed Ramadaan fasts – the rulings

In short, whoever does not fast some days of Ramadaan has to make up those days before the next Ramadaan comes. This person is sinning if he does not make up the fasts before the next Ramadaan without a legal excuse like sickness, forgetting, etc. The Imams are agreed that this person must make up the fasts, but they differed as to whether along with making up the fasts he must also feed one poor person for each day or not.

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (rahimahullah) said in this regard, “The correct view with regard to this issue is that a person does not have to do anything more than making up the missed fasts, but he is sinning if he delays doing so.” Al-Sharh al-Mumti’, 6/451.

So, one who one delays making up the fasts with no excuse, must repent to Allaah and resolve not to repeat this mistake in the future.

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Razors and Depilatory Creams… Can I use?

I have been asked this umpteen times,

“Can a woman use razor…”

and after I have replied them in the affirmative, the next expected question would be, ‘What is the proof from the Quran and Sunnah because I have been told woman should not use metal on her body..,”

…and what they mean is, ‘Give me clear hadeeth which says it is allowed…’


My dear sisters, we have to understand that these restrictions are made up by people , so if anybody is required to bring proof, then it is those who claim such a restriction.

All we can say is that such a restriction is not levied by Islam.

…but for the assurance of sisters, I will quote a fatwa about the permissibility to remove hair by ANY means. So it is absolutely fine whether you use depilatory creams, wax or razor to get rid of the unwanted hair.

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I’m Pregnant… Can I pray sitting? Can I join prayers?

I’m Pregnant

…can I sit n pray?

Basically,  it is allowed to sit if it is very difficult to stand as explained by Shaikh ibn al-Uthaymeen (rahimahullah) in ash-SharH al-Mumti (p.326, vol.4), and the rule (as explainied by the Shaikh) by which you can decide whether it is very difficult for you is explained in the following video:

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Sexual discrimination in Islam?

A sister asked,

Q: asavlam alaikum, I have a question to ask, why are women not allowed to touch the quran when they are on their period. My sociology teacher was saying this is sexist (we are currently studying religion) and periods is a natural thing for women to have children but in islam women are seen as dirty. Could please explain this to me. Jaza ka Allah ker

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Video: Signs your Menstruation (Period) is Over

Are you confused?

…about when the menstruation ends?

…and when you should start praying?

this Video will teach you what signs you should look for to make sure your menstruation is over.

…also learn the rulings of spotting, yellowish and brownish discharge.


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