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Can I cut Bangs & Fringes – is it against Islamic etiquettes?


Growing up in India, we were told, “Muslim women should not cut their hair!” – in particular, styles that let hair fall on the forehead, were seen as an aberrant transgression of Islamic manners (!).

We may have blindly complied with this for years; only to find out that I was simply keeping myself from looking my best for no good reason!!

This misconception still prevails in many households, and so here is a clarification in light of the verdicts of the scholars.

It is perfectly fine and permissible to style your hair with bangs/fringes as long as;

a) The style is not an imitation of the disbelievers – e.g., if you appear with that hairstyle in a gathering, people should not assume that you are a disbeliever. If that hairstyle is just a trend, then it’s permissible.

b) You will not appear adorned with it in front of non-mahram.

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5 Shampoo Mistakes… Stop today!

Recently, I took my daughter for a haircut; the cut was good yet her face did not look fresh, I wondered why?! … just then, the stylist remarked, ‘Her hair is too dry!’

…but she never had this dry hair problem!

…and she does takes care of her hair; oiling and washing, etc.

…so why suddenly are her hair turning all frizzy and out of control?!

After inquiring and researching a bit about the do’s and don’ts of hair care, I realized that the culprit was the way she was shampooing. Are you making these 6 common shampoo mistakes… STOP Now!

With these tips, the problem of limp strands, flaky scalp and dry roots may be solved InSha’Allah.

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Razors and Depilatory Creams… Can I use?

I have been asked this umpteen times,

“Can a woman use razor…”

and after I have replied them in the affirmative, the next expected question would be, ‘What is the proof from the Quran and Sunnah because I have been told woman should not use metal on her body..,”

…and what they mean is, ‘Give me clear hadeeth which says it is allowed…’


My dear sisters, we have to understand that these restrictions are made up by people , so if anybody is required to bring proof, then it is those who claim such a restriction.

All we can say is that such a restriction is not levied by Islam.

…but for the assurance of sisters, I will quote a fatwa about the permissibility to remove hair by ANY means. So it is absolutely fine whether you use depilatory creams, wax or razor to get rid of the unwanted hair.

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Eid Makep-Up!

Last Eid, we had Dewy Make-up guidelines, which gives you a nice fresh look – but shimmery makeup is ever so popular now because it gives you instant glamour with a light-reflecting look.

Shimmer is made of light-reflecting crystals called mica, and nowadays, shimmer can be found in foundations, powders (loose and transparent), eye shadows, blushes, pencils and even lipsticks.

The shimmer look works beautifully as a day look, and greatly enhances an evening look too.

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Imagined Ugliness?! …a Mental Ailment!


During my trip to the Emirates, I happened to come across an article about the increased demand for cosmetic surgery; it has significantly increased by over 100% since last year in Dubai!

…I read that in silence, and sat there pondering.

It reminded me of the Great Wisdom of Allah in the rulings of Islam and the benefits achieved for His slaves because one of the causes, as suggested by the article, which leads people to seek cosmetic surgery is a mental condition called BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) – but alHamdulillah, as I see it, Islam has cut the root cause of this mental ailment,

Read below more about this disease and its symptoms, and learn how Islam has encouraged a healthy balance of beatification between negligence and obsession!

Also read below when parents should be concerned and what parents should do to keep kids away from this Mental Illness.


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It’s Eid… you’ve been awake since early morning for the Eid Salaat, but you still want to look fresh for the family gatherings and guests all day long…

Dewy Look Makeup will do the trick…

Find some awesome tips to look fresh, natural yet stunning ;)

Eid Make-up Tips | A Dewy Look this Eid | The Striving Muslimah Blog

Click the image to go to the Make-Up Tips Page


— Shawana A. Aziz

Look at her, isn’t she just glowing!”

Everyone wants to grab that kind of attention, especially on Eid!

- although we often neglect to take care of hydration and moisture of our skin in Ramadaan.

but don’t worry, we’ve got for you a home-made cost-effective Moisturizing Mask, which will bring you glow almost instantly!

Use it the night before Eid or early morning… for that “she’s just glowing effect” ;)

Go on ladies, shine like a pearl this Eid!

- Click on the pic below to go to the Face Mask Recipe…

Instantly Moisturizing Face Mask for Eid!

Click the image to go to Instantly Moisturizing Face Mask for Eid!

— Shawana A. Aziz

Eid is another name for happiness and celebration!

and for us women; no occasion is complete without Mehendi/Henna ;)

Mehendi designs make our hands so beautiful and colorful; but there are so many different styles and designs to choose from (!) and we are ever so soooo confused!!

so…. to confuse you MORE! ( lol! ), we have a collection of over 50 Henna designs… Help me find a good one too ♥ !

— Shawana A. Aziz