New Video Series: Dream Muslim Marriage

New Video Series!
The Dream Muslim Marriage.

I often receive requests for videos about Marriage and Relationships. So here it is…, a new series of videos about little changes you can make for a Happy, Strong and Fulfilling Marriage.

Not just for married sisters! …whether you are still looking for a life-partner or soon to get married, or you have spent few years creating your Dream Marriage – this videos series is for you!

Watch and Share! …and help SPREAD the JOY of living the Dream Muslim Marriage amongst our fellow Striving Muslimahs!

May Allah make this video series beneficial for our sisters. Ameen Ya Rab!
Take care and wassalaam alaikum
- Shawana A. Aziz

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How to Laundry & Cleaning – for a Taahir (Pure) House!

The importance of maintaining purity cannot be over-stressed because it is a pre-condition of Salaat (prayer) – and requires a regular and careful routine; especially if you have young kids around.

However, at times, due to the fear of the place or thing being left impure, we over-do the washing – whereas, purification is simple, easy and a quick process as we know from the teachings of the Prophet (sallallahu alahi wasallam).

Watch this short 4 minute video explaining the basic guidelines of purification; and confidently maintain the purity of your home; clothing, mattresses, couches, bathroom floor, and everything else - the EASY way!

…and don’t forget to leave a comment. I love to hear from you!

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Sexual discrimination in Islam?

A sister asked,

Q: asavlam alaikum, I have a question to ask, why are women not allowed to touch the quran when they are on their period. My sociology teacher was saying this is sexist (we are currently studying religion) and periods is a natural thing for women to have children but in islam women are seen as dirty. Could please explain this to me. Jaza ka Allah ker

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Video: Signs your Menstruation (Period) is Over

Are you confused?

…about when the menstruation ends?

…and when you should start praying?

this Video will teach you what signs you should look for to make sure your menstruation is over.

…also learn the rulings of spotting, yellowish and brownish discharge.


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