Assalaam alaikum sisters,

The Striving Muslimah – Nurturing My Islamic Identity and building Confidence!

The name says it all… Join me and other sisters as we STRIVE towards nurturing our Islamic Identity, and face the world with CONFIDENCE.

We will soon introduce short lectures and reminders that are FOCUSED on imparting Islamic Knowledge – and aim towards educating every Muslimah in an ENGAGING and OPTIMISTIC manner.

Insha’Allah, titles to launch in the next few days are;

1. Must Know Fataawa for every Muslimah about Salaat, Fasting and menstruation

2. How to make the Most of Ramadaan even during those days of monthly flow?

additionally, we have more interesting sections;

• FITNESS: Getting Mind and Body fit for Striving!

• BEAUTY: Look Good, Feel Confident!

• RECIPES: Cook up an amazing, yet simple dish today!

• HOUSE-KEEPING: Simplify Your Everyday Tasks!

• PRODUCTIVITY: Productive Muslimah, Successful Muslimah!

• QUOTES: Inspiration, Motivation and Reflections…

and insha’Allah more to add..

Al-Hamdulillah – the Striving Muslimah Team has a lot planned for you this Ramadaan – please scroll down and have a look!

and it goes without saying – we need your participation in spreading the word to every Muslimah around the world – I request you to invite your friends. Barak Allahu Fekunna!

- your sister in Islam,
Shawana A. Aziz

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