Look at her, isn’t she just glowing!”

Everyone wants to grab that kind of attention, especially on Eid!

- although we often neglect to take care of hydration and moisture of our skin in Ramadaan.

but don’t worry, we’ve got for you a home-made cost-effective Moisturizing Mask, which will bring you glow almost instantly!

Use it the night before Eid or early morning… for that “she’s just glowing effect” ;)

Go on ladies, shine like a pearl this Eid!

- Click on the pic below to go to the Face Mask Recipe…

Instantly Moisturizing Face Mask for Eid!

Click the image to go to Instantly Moisturizing Face Mask for Eid!

— Shawana A. Aziz

Shawana A. Aziz

Author, Translator and Lecturer of Islamic Subjects. COMMITTED to SPREADING the Deen in the WORDS of the SCHOLARS.

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