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You walk into your kitchen to prepare dinner, dip your scoop into the rice bin, and discover, along with the rice, some creepy crawling. Yuck!

Fortunately, there are ways to keep pests from invading your rice, here are some tips;


Remove the Moisture

Moisture is one of the main causes of pests in rice, thus spreading out the rice on a clean surface under the sun for several hours can help – alternatively, you can put your raw rice in a thin layer in pans and place them in a warm oven overnight.

Keeping Rice Bug-Free! ...Helpful Tips


Once the rice has been thoroughly dried, store in clean, sealed glass or plastic containers. This not only helps to keep the air out, it will also help prevent pests from getting into your rice.



Vacuum Pack your Rice

If you buy rice in bulk to save money, divide it into smaller quantities and place them in zipper bags removing as much air as possible. Pests cannot survive without air!

You can try insert a clean straw into the bag, then zip the bag shut except for where the straw sticks out. Next, suck on the straw to remove as much air as possible and then quickly remove the straw and seal the bag.

Keeping Rice Bug-Free! ...Helpful Tips


Leaves in your Rice

This one is very effective; different types of leaves can be used for this. In India, we generally use Neem leaves but you can also use bay leaves – but make sure to use dry, not fresh!

Keeping Rice Bug-Free! ...Helpful Tips

Neem Leaves


Keeping Rice Bug-Free! ...Helpful Tips

Bay Leaves