Avoid harmful toxic chemicals in household cleaning products!  - The Striving Muslimah Blog Asthma, fertility disorders, skin irritation and cancer…

- all been linked to the harmful chemicals found in conventional/antibacterial cleaners.

“Many mainstream cleaning products contain unnecessarily hazardous ingredients,” Rebecca Sutton, PhD, a senior scientist with the Environmental Working Group, says.

  • According to the American Thoracic Society, using conventional cleaners even once a week may increase the risk of developing adult asthma.
  • Petroleum distillates, found in kitchen and furniture cleaners – can cause damage to the nervous system and lungs.
  • Triclosan, a synthetic toxic chemical compound added to many anti¬bacterial products and other household care products, may disrupt thyroid hormone function - it has also been linked to allergies and antibiotic resistance.


Tests using lab animals have verified that exposure to large doses of triclosan can cause irreparable health damage, but industry representatives say that the levels found in consumer products are much too small to do so… even so, these cleansers seem to be a futile investment because research has shown that, in the home, antibacterial soap is no more effective than the regular stuff in preventing infection.

“there’s no evidence that they provide any extra protection from germs,” Sutton says.

In hospitals, the bacteria-killing properties of triclosan can prevent the spread of serious infections. But at home you don’t need to kill the bugs; all you need to do is wash them down the drain. Ordinary soap and water does that every bit as well as antibacterial scrubs, according to a 2005 FDA advisory panel.

Apart from the fact that these conventional products have the potential to harm you; while others leave pernicious fumes that linger… click the link below for a safe, cost-effective and home solution to cleaning your fridge interior…

Clean your Fridge Interior without harmful soaps & detergents | The Striving Muslimah Blog

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— Shawana A. Aziz

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