DIY Glitter Vanity Tray!

We all know when it comes to getting ourselves pretty in the morning, not each one of us has a lot of time!

…which, is exactly why this vanity tray was born;

to help organize and glamour up your vanity area!

This is a super easy and inexpensive recycling project that you’ll definitely adore!

DIY Vanity Case | The Striving Muslimah Blog


DIY Vanity Case | The Striving Muslimah Blog

1.Grab a shoebox lid/old tray/picture frame.Vintage picture frames look gorgeous .Shoebox lids are obviously cheaper, but I didn’t have the other two, so I went with the lid.Next, a pair of scissors, a ruler to cut the paper to size, masking tape, gold glitter (any color really), and velvet textured adhesive papers (available at craft/stationery stores.), If not at hand, go for velvet or felt!Other supplies include craft glue, and a transparent plastic sheet.Oh yes, also a paint brush (not pictured)

2.Wrap up the lid in the velvet textured adhesive sheet.Smooth out any creases, (Tip:Try not to be impatient like me)

3.Try to make a tidy-as-you-can chevron pattern with masking tape. I was initially going to  use double-sided tape, and just sprinkle all the glitter on top but I couldn’t find my double-sided tape roll!

DIY Vanity Case | The Striving Muslimah Blog

4.Take a clean paint brush and brush on a generous amount of craft glue on to the untaped areas, one at a time. Do the first one, sprinkle glitter, then the second and so on;otherwise your glue will dry up.

5.Wait for the glue to dry, Do two-three coats.If you find any area peeking, add a lil glue with a toothpick and a pinch of glitter over it.Let dry.

6.Cut the transparent plastic sheet to size.Snip off any weird corners or edges, Readjust, dot a little clear-drying glue at the corners.Press down firm.

7.Done! If you want, up the pretty quotient by adding a trim of coordinating washi tape around the lid’s perimeter.Now just corral all your everyday essentials into the tray and enjoy your new easy-peasy glittery creation!

DIY Vanity Case | The Striving Muslimah Blog


DIY Vanity Case | The Striving Muslimah Blog


DIY Vanity Case | The Striving Muslimah Blog

Do comment below to let us know how you like this project & if you’ll give it a go! I’d love to know!

For more easy n’ fabulous do-it-yourself projects, buckle up and stay tune!

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