When we do something for someone without being asked for, out of love, thinking he/she would want it to be done…

it is most likely that the act will be taken for granted; neither appreciated nor considered!

although when such happens, we can do nothing but be patient…,

(but) the pain should make us careful not to hurt others in this manner; we should appreciate whatever is done for us, especially the little things that are done without asking for them.

We should show appreciation for what they do for us… if not with something physical gift kinda then at least words of appreciation…

at least, let the person know that it Does Make a Difference in your Life!

Though the same should be for all relationships, it is more for couples; since it happens to be the case that after a few months/years they function in a robotic manner…

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Shawana A. Aziz

Author, Translator and Lecturer of Islamic Subjects. COMMITTED to SPREADING the Deen in the WORDS of the SCHOLARS.

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  1. farwa mohammed
    Dec 19, 2014 @ 09:43:59

    Jazakallah khair….Allhamdulillah it came as a heal to my inner pain….i hope more best from striving muslimah…and iam feeling happy n thanks ALLAH ,,that he make a way for my feeling through this article….may Allah bless u all…and nourish Striving muslimah.

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