Target a Bottle everyday from iftar to suhoor!

Drowsy, irritated or unable to concentrate – is that how you feel after Iftar?

- There’s a strong probability that your body is telling you its thirsty!

Other early signs and symptoms of mild dehydration are headaches, reduced muscle performance, muscle cramps and dry eyes.

Fill a liter of bottle (to begin with) and target to finish it by constantly sipping on it from iftar till suhoor at many  intervals. Slow increase your intake upto 2litres.

Don’t worry, InSha’Allah, your body will quickly adapt and your trips to the bathroom will lessen eventually.

The average woman needs approximately nine cups (i.e., just over 2litre) of fluid per day to stay well hydrated in a sedentary state. That includes all types of fluids from all beverages and foods. You need additional fluid intake if you exercise, diet or travel; if you are ill, pregnant or nursing; or if you live at high altitude or in a hot, humid environment.”

By Susan Kleiner PhD, RD,is an international columnist and a speaker on the subjects of nutrition, sports and fitness.