Make organizing a breeze with this easy- peasy jewelry organizing idea great for sorting out your chunky bangles and bracelets! Plus, it’s totally customizable!




You’ll need:


1. An empty spray bottle like the one in the picture above.  (I used a frosted glass spray bottle of a home spray)

2. A circular base. I used the lid of an old box I had. (You can use lids of old jars. Make sure it’s something sturdy!)

3. Glue gun

4.Gold Glitter Spray Paint or in any other color [ (optional) I used Krylon brand]

5.Decorative Tape/Washi tape (Optional)

6.Hairspray optional.



1. Begin by spraying the circular base with the glitter spray paint. You may want to spray paint your empty spray bottle too to match your base. I skipped this step because my bangles were going to be stacked up till the very top.

2.Let the spray paint dry for a few hours. Then (if you are using glitter spray paint), go over the spray painted area with hairspray to make sure the glitter doesn’t peel off over time.

3.Let dry for another couple of hours. Use the glue gun to affix the circular base to the hair spray bottle and you’re done!

4. Stack up your chunky bracelets and bangles and you’re good to go!

Also,you can use a trim or ribbon/lace/washi tape at the base for a bit of oomph!


DIY Bracelet Tower!  | The Striving Muslimah Blog


Enjoy your new gorgeous organizer and stay tuned to The Striving Muslimah for more super-inexpensive and pretty DIYs!

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