Recently, I took my daughter for a haircut; the cut was good yet her face did not look fresh, I wondered why?! … just then, the stylist remarked, ‘Her hair is too dry!’

…but she never had this dry hair problem!

…and she does takes care of her hair; oiling and washing, etc.

…so why suddenly are her hair turning all frizzy and out of control?!

After inquiring and researching a bit about the do’s and don’ts of hair care, I realized that the culprit was the way she was shampooing. Are you making these 6 common shampoo mistakes… STOP Now!

With these tips, the problem of limp strands, flaky scalp and dry roots may be solved InSha’Allah.

Mistake 1. Too much Shampooing

If you are shampooing seven days a week, 365 days a year; you are shampooing too frequently. Every other day is usually enough. Also just once lather and rinse is enough; repeating is not required (unless you need to for oiled hair or you are shampooing one a week)


feenMistake 2. Not wetting your hair pre-shampoo

Completely soak your hair before pouring any shampoo cuz without enough water, shampoo doesn’t lather; and without lather, the hair doesn’t get clean! It’s the lather that creates sort of a vacuum situation that sucks the dirt and cellular debris away from the head. Also if the shampoo doesn’t lather, you may be inclined to use more shampoo and spend unnecessarily.


Mistake 3. Always applying shampoo to the same spot on your scalp at first.

Alternate your routine by starting your shampoo at the nape of your neck and distributing the lather onto your hair before moving towards the top of your head.


Mistake 4. Too much friction

Rubbing strands between your hands as you wash can damage your strands. Instead, use your fingertips to massage the scalp.


hotshowerMistake 5. Rinsing with hot water.

Use lukewarm water. Hot water dries your scalp and hair. Take the time to rinse hair out thoroughly. Shampoo build up can result in flaky scalp.




One Bonus Tip! …How to condition correctly.

No wash cycle is complete without conditioner but remember to only apply product on the hair shaft (not the scalp). In addition, work your conditioner through with your fingers instead of a comb. The comb rips your hair out. Finally, for optimal shine, finish up with a splash of cool water for a beautiful shine.

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