Olive Oil Mask with sugar for baby-soft skin!

Natural home made face mask and scrub using Olive oil and sugar!

Olive oil has been used to moisturize and refresh skin since ancient times, and it still works today. This amazing natural substance delivers moisture, fatty acids, and antioxidants directly to the skin for fast results.

How to prepare?

Add 5 tsp olive oil to 6 tbsp sugar and mix well to make a thick paste

You can even add 2 tbsp of honey to increase the moisturizing.

Apply a thin layer of the mixture all over your face.

Let stay for a minute and wash off scrubbing in circular motion.

Pat dry your face.

Note: Recommended use of  this mask is once a month.

This is effective body scrub too! Works well on dry areas like elbows, knees and foot. Just apply and scrub…

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place but do not store in the fridge – this will harden the mixture, which you do not want!